Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief (14th Report)
Deliver a book, create a smile.
Launch of the Children’s Mini Library for children victim to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake

[Tokyo, Japan, 25 March 2011]

Backed with the full assistance of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Japan Committee for UNICEF (JCU) is currently conducting assistance activities for the disaster victims of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake, while focusing efforts on children and mothers. In a new undertaking, the JCU is now making preparations for constructing Child Friendly Spaces at shelters in various areas.

On this occasion, as part of efforts for creating Child Friendly Spaces, JCU will launch the UNICEF Little Library Project, under which children in the disaster area are provided with children’s books donated by people from across Japan.

The UNICEF Little Library Project is an undertaking where “UNICEF Little Library Sets” are assembled by combining children’s books recommended by the Japanese Board on Books for Young People (JBBY) with books donated from people around Japan. Two types of sets will be boxed and shipped to disaster sites. One is a Young Children Set (0-6 years old) that mainly includes picture books and kami shibai (Japanese picture card stories), and the other is a Primary School Student Set (7-14 years old), which mainly includes children’s books. In addition, the box’s design and logo were created with the complete support of Corporate Philanthropy & Environmental Initiatives Management Dept.

Make a child smile today. Participate in the UNICEF Little Library Project by donating children’s books to children in Japan’s disaster areas.

We are seeking the following books

Picture books, children’s books and kami shibai (Japanese picture card stories) for children between the ages of 0 and 14.

*As your donated books will be shared among a large number of children, we ask that you only send new or near-new books. (We cannot accept books with writing in them or that are torn.)
*We prioritize books that follow a story or those that can be read to children. We do not accept magazines, manga or game strategy books.


5 April 2011 (Tue)    We have closed the list.

1 What is the UNICEF Little Library Project? Under this project mini-libraries (small box-shaped book shelves) packed with picture books and children’s books will be placed at Child Friendly Spaces set up by UNICEF at shelters with children suffering from the disaster.
2 Campaign period (11 days) We want to deliver books to the children suffering from the disaster as quickly as possible. We will first work to deliver Little Libraries to approximately 100 locations (tentative). This campaign may then also be expanded in accordance with local demand and requests. We plan to make future announcements in the case such extensions are made.
3 When will the books arrive? We plan to complete preparations, such as actually filling the boxes with books, during the first week of April and deliver them to the disaster sites in mid-April.
4 My books are dirty. Can I still donate them? We ask that no books are donated that would give a foul impression to children due to their lack of cleanliness.
5 Is it okay to send books that have children’s names written in them? We ask that you do not send books with writing in them.
6 How about books with stickers on them? We will accept them if the stickers have been cleanly removed. However, we will not accept books with stickers in them.
7 How about sheet music, song books, pictorial encyclopaedias, cook books, origami books, etc.? At the present moment we are prioritizing books that can be read aloud to children or those with stories that children can read themselves.
8 How about books that are clean but old? We ask that you not donate books that would give children a foul impression due to the age of the book.
9 Can I order books from AMAZON, Rakuten Books or another service and have them delivered to Japan Committee for UNICEF? Yes. However, please make sure that orders have already been paid for.
10 Is it okay to include a message in the book? Yes. However, please be aware we cannot guarantee that your book will be delivered to the disaster site. Also, we may use your message on the JCU homepage or somewhere else. Please indicate if you would not like your message made public. (Personal information such as your name will not be disclosed.)
11 Can I donate DVDs and manga? We are currently investigating ways in which DVDs and manga can be used as a form of assistance.
12 Do you accept non-Japanese books? We prioritize Japanese books.