Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief

East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
Japan Committee for UNICEF Emergency Relief and Reconstruction Support
Six-Month Report

On 13 March, just two days following the earthquake, the Japan Committee for UNICEF (JCU) received the complete support of UNICEF Headquarters in launching the first assistance campaign for Japan in nearly 50 years. In a concerted effort, a team of JCU-UNICEF staff engaged in emergency relief and reconstruction efforts in order to support the lives and the psychological and psychical development of children in the affected areas that had lost nearly everything in this unprecedented natural disaster. This report is a review of the past six months since the disaster. The report provides information on the situation of affected children, the activities carried out to answer the needs of those children, the voices of staff and supporters that assisted these activities, and a six-month income and expenses report.

Six-Month Report -Digest Version

Emergency Phase Activities

Educational Support

Health and Nutritional Support

Psychosocial Care and Protecting Children