Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief
27 March 2014(229th report)Children present reconstruction plans at symposium: "What I want to say as a leader of tomorrow"
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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief
23 August 2013(209th report)Assistance to spark fathers' interest in child-rearing: Fathering Assistance Symposium in Iwate
9 September 2013(208th report)Ofunato's Daiichi Junior High School presents a traditional fisherman's flag at the UNICEF House
21 August 2013(207th report)Fathering assistance training workshops in Soma and Minamisoma
21 August 2013(206th report)The outcome of generous donor support in Onagawa, Miyagi
30 August 2013(205th report)Disaster preparedness week 30 August – 5 September: East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Survey Study on the Evacuation of Nursery Schools in Iwate"How were children saved?"
21 August 2013(204th report)Domestic violence training for social workers in Rikuzentakata
15 August 2013(203rd report)Child friendly spaces guidebook cover design competition
17 July 2013(202nd report)Foster parent training workshop in Kesennuma
31 July 2013(201st report)Night lighting completed at Minamisanriku play area
22 July 2013(200th report)"UNITED FOR UNICEF": Manchester United players meet Fukushima children
29 June 2013(199th report)Fukushima's first fathering assistance training workshop
28 June 2013(198th report)Soccer star Makoto Hasebe visits the completed Asahi Kindergarten for commemorative tree planting
27 June 2013(197th report)CAP training workshops for Iwate instructors and specialists
14 June 2013(196th report)Your design could support UNICEF! Participate in the child friendly space guidebook cover design competition!
14 June 2013(195th report)Support materials distributed to Fukushima fathers ahead of Father's Day
30 May 2013(194th report)The 8th Discussion on Great East Japan Earthquake Child Assistance
8 May 2013(193rd report) Hebita Junior High School students from Ishinomaki City visit the UNICEF House
9 May 2013(192nd report)Empowering Fukushima Fathers: supporting fathers forced to live apart from their children
22 March 2013(191st report)Feedback given to Otsuchi Town children after the "Future Classroom" workshop
25 April 2013(190th report)Onagawa Junior High third-year students visit UNICEF House
18 April 2013(189th report)Minamisanriku Town Mayor visits UNICEF House and shares thoughts on reconstruction
15 April 2013(188th report)After-school programme assistance to continue in Minamisanriku
11 April 2013(187th report)Third-year students from Akasaki Junior High School visit the UNCIEF House
26 March 2013(186th report)London Olympic swimmers participate in the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief campaign
8 March 2013(185th report)The Tegami Project flowers friendship across disaster and conflict areas: JCU Ambassador Chan delivers letters from Palestinian children to Fukushima children
6 March 2013(184th report)Release of Two-Year Report
20 February 2013(183rd report)Seeking Participants: UNICEF Activity Briefing (Wednesday, 6 March)
6 February 2013(182nd report)Evacuation Records of Nursery Centres in Iwate Prefecture: Preschools protecting children on 11 March
28 January 2013(181st report)CAP specialist training seminars held in Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture
23 January 2013(180th report)Completion ceremonies for child welfare facilities in Kesennuma City and Watari Town
8 January 2013(179th report)Building parks in temporary housing districts in Otsuchi Town, Iwate: The Playground Building Workshop
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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief
21 December 2012(178th report)Presenting the Future of Shichigo – Our Town in Eight Years
20 December 2012(177th report)UNICEF Prayer Tree Project Ornament making with 100 UNICEF Santas
17 December 2012(176th report)Expanding assistance for fathers! Single-Father Household and Fathering Assistance Project
10 December 2012(175th report)Psychosocial assistance: Supporting the construction of Kesennuma Child Psychosocial Care Center consultation rooms
7 December 2012(174th report)Praying for the happiness of Tohoku children: 11 Prayer Trees
16 November 2012(173rd report)Child protection: Training for creating community networks for abuse prevention
16 November 2012(172sd report)Child protection: Training on detection and response to household risk
20 November 2012(171st report)Natori City Mayor presents JCU with plaque of appreciation
14 November 2012(170th report) "Future Classroom" workshop held at Otsuchi Town primary schools
4 November 2012(169th report)Report: Presentations by the Furusato Soma Children's Reconstruction Council
13 November 2012(168th report)Seeking 110 volunteers for the UNICEF Prayer Tree Project!
7 November 2012(167th report)Tegami project Children's wishes travel across the oceans
2 November 2012(166th report)This year the Big Prayer Trees are back! Ginza, Yurakucho, and 11 locations throughout Tohoku!
25 October 2012(165th report)Ishinomaki City: Experience-based urban development to teach children about society
20 October 2012 Kesennuma's new "Greeting Wall": Assistance for the construction of Ashinome School's Child Support Centre
19 October 2012(164th report)CAP specialist training seminar wraps up in Fukushima City
3 October 2012(163rd report)Continued funding in 2012 for 160,000 influenza vaccinations
12 September 2012(162nd report)One and a half years after the disaster-Opening ceremony for Kesennuma City Mother's Home and Makisawa Kibo Nursery Centre
27 August 2012 Asahi Kindergarten starts its new school term
24 August 2012 Opening ceremony for Fuji Kindergarten in Yamamoto Town
24 August 2012 JCU Ambassador Agnes Chan sings and reads stories to children at the opening ceremony of Iuchi Preschool
30 July 2012(161th report)Opening ceremony for Asahi Kindergarten's new school building in Minamisanriku
6 July 2012(160th report)Afghani and Fukushima high school students reunite at Tanabata
25 Jane 2012(159th report)Makoto Hasebe makes another visit to disaster areas, holds third donation ceremony
1 Jane 2012(158th report)Onsite support
25 May 2012(157th report)Ceremony marks the completion of Asahi Kindergarten's new building structure
3 May 2012(156th report)New play area opened for children in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture
25 April 2012(155th report)Tegami Project Letters from children in Korean reach Fukushima children
9 April 2012(154rd report)Assistance for school lunches in Ishinomaki
4 April 2012(153rd report)Preschool entrance ceremony held at new school building
31 March 2012(152nd report)Yamada Town Family Cooking Café
24 March 2012(151st report)Kirikiri Preschool graduates class of 10
22 March 2012(150th report)One year later: An energetic student performance
22 March 2012(149th report)JCU partners with JOCA to help children and their families
19 March 2012(148th report)Emotional support for children: JCU publishes a manual for assisting preschool-age children affected by the disaster
15 March 2012(147th report)UNICEF Photo Exhibition of Great East Japan Earthquake travels to Iwate, Okayama, Kumamoto, Hiroshima and New York Headquarters
7 March 2012(146th report)Event: One-year Report on Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief
2 March 2012(145th report)Messages of encouragement from around the world
2 March 2012(144th report)Photo exhibition held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York: “Children and the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - UNICEF at work”
23 February 2012 Letters from children in Ukraine and Hungary delivered to children in Fukushima
17 February 2012(143rd report)Call for Participants for 6 March Activity Briefing One-year Report on Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief -Realizing child-friendly reconstruction-
7 February 2012(142nd report)Nursery staff from across Japan supporting the affected areas
3 February 2012(141st report)Letters from Chinese university students delivered to Iwate Prefectural University
30 January 2012(140th report)Official opening of temporary kindergarten facility in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture
25 January 2012(139th report)Subsidizing influenza vaccination costs in all three affected prefectures
10 January 2012(138th report)Children libraries return to the affected areas! Completion of Natori City’s Donguri Children’s Library
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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Relief
27 December 2011(137th report)Happy Birthday 3.11: Children born in the affected areas on 11 March 2011
26 December 2011(136th report)UNICEF Prayer Tree Project: UNICEF decorates trees with children in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukshima!
21 December 2011(135th report)Makoto Hasebe visits Minami Sanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
21 December 2011(134th report)“EYE SEE” Project launched in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures
19 December 2011(133rd report)The UNICEF Prayer Tree Project 8-meter tree assembled in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture!
16 December 2011(132nd report)Lee Byung-hun visits the UNICEF House and delivers a message to disaster victims
14 December 2011(131st report)Support for fathers in the affected areas! Workshop on Assistance for Single-Father Households and Fathering
12 December 2011(130th report)UNICEF Mini Children’s Library project completed! Over 300,000 book donations sent to children in affected areas
8 December 2011(129th report)-Supporting small children and their mothers- Psychosocial care for mothers and children by the FSCCP
3 December 2011(128th report)“I’ve never done anything like this before!” Children from Futaba Town, Fukushima escort Japanese and Italian volleyball teams onto the court
1 December 2011(127th report)“Happy Birthday 3.11” photo exhibition underway
25 November 2011(126th report)Berliner Philharmoniker presents “Solidarity Books” to Tohoku children
21 November 2011(125th report)CAP Workshop held in Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture Protect the children! Toward preventing child abuse!
22 November 2011(124th report)Building the bridge to reconstruction! UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Berliner Philharmoniker delivers the present of music
14 November 2011(123rd report)Report on the Great East Japan Earthquake by the Children of Soma
14 November 2011(122nd report)Activities start at new preschool building in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
14 November 2011(121st report)Assistance for kindergarten and preschool reconstruction: Classes start at a new school building
10 November 2011(120th report)JCU Ambassador Agnes Chan visits child friendly space “Futaba Square”
9 November 2011(119th report)The UNICEF Prayer Tree Project: Giant Christmas trees coming your way!
8 November 2011(118th report)The Global Handwashing Dance performed at a child-rearing assistance event in Rikuzentakata City
2 November 2011(117th report)Junior high and high school student “Memoirs of 11 March” picked up by the Yahoo! Photo Conservation Project
27 October 2011(116th report)Workshops held on building parks for children
21 October 2011(115th report)Mini athletics festival held at Otsuchi Preschool in Iwate Prefecture
20 October 2011(114th report)Tegami Project: Letters delivered to Fuji Kindergarten in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture from New Zealand and Hong Kong
19 October 2011(113th report)Tegami Project: Letters delivered to Kashima Primary School in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture from the Central African Republic
18 October 2011(112th report)Subsidized influenza vaccinations for 160,000 children in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima
14 October 2011(111th report)Photo exhibition “Happy Birthday 3.11” held at Tokyo Midtown until Thursday, 27 October (free admission)
26 September 2011(110th report)Children from Yuriage Junior High School in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture visit the UNICEF House in Tokyo!
16 September 2011(109th report)Tegami Project: Letters delivered from Morocco
8 September 2011(108th report)Records of the disaster UNICEF Photo Exhibition of the Great East Japan Earthquake underway until 11 September
8 September 2011(107th report)Many lives were lost on 11 March 2011, but we would like to celebrate the ones that were born. Now screening message video “Happy Birthday 3.11”.
6 September 2011(106th report)Classes start at Kirikiri Preschool’s new temporary building in Otsuchi Town!
1 September 2011(105th report)Thank-you messages from the affected areas received in response to the UNICEF Children’s Mini Library
30 August 2011(104th report)CPsychosocial care training held in the Yamamotocho district of Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
25 August 2011(103rd report)Child Friendly Space “Futaba Square” set up for children in Fukushima
23 August 2011(102nd report)Towards the complete restart of school lunches at all primary and junior high schools in Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture Report on the completion of assistance for refurbishing school lunch facilities and the holding of an opening ceremony
22 August 2011(101st report)Tegami Project: Letters from the United States delivered at the Students’ Reunion in Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture
19 August 2011(100th report)Mini soccer balls signed by Makoto Hasebe reenergize Tohoku children
17 August 2011(99th report)The 34th Miyagi Sports Association Rubber Baseball Exchange Competition (Jumbo Tournament)! Playing baseball to encourage the swift recovery of our beloved hometown!
16 August 2011(98th report)“Lights of Hope” warms Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture to mark the five-month anniversary of the disaster
15 August 2011(97th report)Child Friendly Spaces expand to temporary housing
10 August 2011(96th report)Report on the Iwate Prefecture Inter-Junior High School Athletic Competition -Pro athletes deliver passionate messages of encouragement to children-
8 August 2011(95th report)United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talks with high school students in Fukushima Prefecture
2 August 2011(94th report)Fuji Kindergarten temporarily reopens in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture!
29 July 2011(93rd report)Phase 3 of the Tegami Project! Letters from Iceland are delivered to children at Kamaishi Preschool, Iwate Prefecture
28 July 20(92nd report)The 60th Miyagi Prefecture Inter-Junior High School Athletic Competition! Bringing together the dreams of Tohoku children!
25 July 2011(91st report)Phase 2 of the Tegami Project! Letters from children in Afghanistan are delivered to children in Fukushima
22 July 2011(90th report)Phase 1 of the Tegami Project! Letters from children in Kenya are delivered to children in Miyagi
20 July 2011(89th report)The 58th Iwate Prefecture Inter-Junior High School Athletic Competition Sumo event
15 July 2011(88th report)The 58th Iwate Prefecture Inter-Junior High School Athletic Competition! Bringing together the dreams of Tohoku children
12 July 2011(87th report)Health checkups bringing communities together
11 July 2011(86th report)Children from Onagawa Daiichi Junior High School visit the UNICEF House
8 July 2011(85th report)Launch of the “Tegami Project”! Connecting Tohoku children with children from around the world!
6 July 2011(84th report)Field Manager Fukuhara visits Miyagi Prefecture Governor Murai on completion of post
1 July 2011(83rd report)Round table talk to consider reconstruction assistance for children
29 June 2011(82nd report)Reports from the play therapists: Getting closer to the hearts of children
27 June 2011(81st report)Preschool Reconstruction Assistance Project Report First report on reconstruction assistance for preschools in Miyagi
24 June 2011(80th report)Psychosocial assistance for preschool-age children in Fukushima Provided by JCU and the Fukushima Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists
23 June 2011(79th report)Preschool and Kindergarten Reconstruction Assistance Project “Everyone’s Kindergarten” Report of first workshop in Minamisanriku Town
21 June 2011(78th report)Prefectural UNICEF Committee Activity Reports in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
17 June 2011(77th report)Iwate Prefecture Inter-High School Athletic Competition First and main event periods complete
16 June 2011(76th report)UNICEF Children’s Bus Fieldtrips Part II Activity Report
14 June 2011(75th report)Makoto Hasebe donates book royalties and event proceeds to children in the disaster area
13 June 2011(74th report)Traveling UNICEF photo exhibition highlights disaster relief activities
10 June 2011(73rd report)Child Friendly Reconstruction -The International Competition for the Disaster Recovery Plan after the Great East Japan Earthquake Support for “Wisdom and Dreams”-
8 June 2011(72nd report)Infant medical checkups now restarted in 14 cities and towns in Miyagi Prefecture
6 June 2011(71st report)At Japan global meeting on development goals, UNICEF Executive Director highlights equity
6 June 2011(70th report)Full-fledged restart of infant checkups and vaccinations in Rikuzentakata City
3 June 2011(69th report)UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake visits the UNICEF House
2 June 2011(68th report)Iwate Otsuchi Preschool reopens after nearly 80 days
1 June 2011(67th report)Iwate Otsuchi Preschool reopens after nearly 80 days
31 May 2011(66th report) Update from Rikuzentakata on the Iwate Prefecture Inter-High School Athletic Competition
30 May 2011(65th report) Temporary building for Otsuchi Preschool almost complete!
27 May 2011(64th report) Play therapy training at kindergartens and preschools in Miyagi Prefecture
25 May 2011(63rd report) Assistance for restarting infant checkups and vaccinations in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture
24 May 2011(62nd report) Assistance for temporary building construction and major repairs for kindergartens and preschools
23 May 2011(61st report) Kick off of the Iwate Prefecture Inter-High School Athletic Competition!Children from all parts of Iwate Prefecture join!
20 May 2011(60th report) Deliver a book, create a smile.The UNICEF Children’s Mini Library project continues!
18 May 2011 (59th report) Assistance for orphaned children: Ensuring the best interest of the children
18 May 2011 (58th report) JCU assists restart of infant medical checkups and vaccinations in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture
16 May 2011 (57th report) UNICEF “Let’s Play! The Outdoors Playtime Project” starts in Fukshima!
13 May 2011 (56th report) 'Beyond School Books' – a podcast series on education in emergencies
13 May 2011 (55th report) Flushable toilets installed at Minamisoma City primary schools
12 May 2011 (54th report) UNICEF Children’s Bus Fieldtrips Sign up for the “Let’s Play! The Outdoors Playtime Project” in Fukshima!
11 May 2011 (53rd report) The “Chakkoi” Picture Book Library
10 May 2011 (52nd report) Vital partners that support JCU assistance activities
9 May 2011 (51st report) UNICEF Children’s Bus Fieldtrips Children smiling everywhere
6 May 2011 (50th report) UNICEF Children’s Bus Fieldtrips Exchange through Soccer: A tribute to reconstructing Tohoku!
2 May 2011 (49th report) Ambassador Agnes Chan’s visit to Iwate Prefecture: Fourth Edition “The only thing left was the gate”
30 April 2011 (48th report) Ambassador Agnes Chan’s visit to Iwate Prefecture: Third Edition “I can still hear the cheering children!”
29 April 2011 (47th report) Ambassador Agnes Chan’s visit to Iwate Prefecture: Second Edition A completely devastated city
30 April 2011 (46th report) Assistance for vulnerable children
28 April 2011 (45th report) Ambassador Agnes Chan visits the disaster area in Iwate Prefecture
25 April 2011 (44th report) Moroccan children send messages of solidarity to earthquake-hit Japan
26 April 2011 (43rd report) Continued assistance to schools: Children attend school entrance ceremonies
26 April 2011 (42nd Report) Ensuring child-friendly reconstruction! JCU announces overview of future assistance plan
25 April 2011 (41st Report) UNICEF Children’s Mini Libraries making children smile again!
21 April 2011 (40th Report) MLB delivers baseball goods to children in the disaster area
21 April 2011 (39th Report) Volunteers on the frontline of assistance activities
20 April 2011 (38th Report) Medical checkups restarted for infants in Iwate Prefecture!
19 April 2011 (37th Report) JCU Representative Director/Vice-Chairman visits the disaster area
18 April 2011 (36th Report) Back to School and Back to Kindergarten Campaigns
15 April 2011 (35th Report) Reconfirmed resolve for providing assistance
13 April 2011 (34th Report) Working towards child friendly reconstruction!
JCU Ambassador Agnes Chan visits disaster site in Miyagi Prefecture
13 April 2011 (33rd Report) Launch of infant nutrition consultation hotline
12 April 2011 (32nd Report) Schools reopen in the disaster area!
11 April 2011 (31st Report) Assistance for children one month following the earthquake disaster
10 April 2011 (30th Report) Official outlook released on children orphaned as a result of the disaster
9 April 2011 (29th Report) Psychological assistance through playing
8 April 2011 (28th Report) Nonstop efforts towards reopening schools
7 April 2011 (27th Report) Assistance for healthcare and nutrition
6 April 2011 (26th Report) Support breast-feeding during times of disaster!
5 April 2011 (25th Report) Preparations for the Back to School and Back to Kindergarten campaigns
4 April 2011 (24th report) UNICEF Children’s Mini Library: The first shipment arrives at the disaster area!
2 April 2011 (23rd Report) Start of psychological assistance training
2 April 2011 (22nd Report) Deliver a book, create a smile. The UNICEF Children’s Mini Library project for children victim to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake. “Please send us books!” Now accepting requests from kindergartens, preschools and other institutions in disaster areas.
1 April 2011 (21st Report) UNICEF Children’s Mini Library Project: Apology and request
31 March 2011 (20th Report) Child Friendly Spaces: Network of assistance grows in disaster areas
30 March 2011 (19th Report) Early Child Development Kits 2: Kits depart Copenhagen for Japan
28 March 2011 (18th Report) Major League Baseball and players association commit $500,000 to UNICEF toward Japan relief effort
28 March 2011 (17th Report) JCU staff partnering with UNICEF experts
27 March 2011 (16th Report) Deliver a book, create a smile.
26 March 2011 (15th Report) Partnering with groups of Japanese and foreign experts
25 March 2011 (14th Report) Deliver a book, create a smile.Launch of the Children’s Mini Library for children victim to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake
25 March 2011 (13th Report) Early Childhood Development(ECD)Kits for the Children of Ishinomaki
24 March 2011 (12th Report) It may only be for a moment, but the children are able to smile again
23 March 2011 (11th Report) The first flight carrying relief goods from overseas arrives at Narita Airport
22 March 2011 (10th Report) Support Supplies from Overseas to Arrive Soon
21 March 2011 (9th Report) Meeting in Fukushima and Iwate Prefectures on Details of Support
20 March 2011 (8th Report) First Shipment of Relief Supplies, 20 Tons of Drinking Water, Arrives at Disaster Hit Areas Support is Pouring in!Thank You Very Much for Your Generous Support
19 March 2011 (7th Report) First Shipment of Relief Supplies, 20 Tons of Drinking Water, Arrives at Disaster Hit Areas Support is Pouring in!Thank You Very Much for Your Generous Support
18 March 2011 (6th Report) The Japan Committee for UNICEF Dispatches Relief Goods and Japanese Experts to Disaster Hit Areas
17 March 2011 (5th Report) Japanese Experts from Somalia, Afghanistan, and Tokyo Office Are Dispatched to Work with the Japan Committee for UNICEF
16 March 2011 (4th Report) Messages to Disaster Hit Areas from Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Dr. Agnes Chan, and Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara
14 March 2011 (3rd Report) Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
14 March 2011 (2nd Report) UNICEF Offers Support to Japan for the First Time in Half a Century
Japan Committee for UNICEF Prepares Support for Disaster Hit Areas and Begins Calls for Emergency Donations
11 March 2011 (1st Report) Psychological Support for Children
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